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Scot A. Weir, a true Wyoming native, was born and raised in Laramie, Wyoming.  He is a graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art, in Denver, Colorado, where he received an Associates degree in Advertising Design.  He later earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wyoming.  Scot became a full time painter in 1992 and his works have been collected throughout the country ever since. 

Since day one, Weir always knew that he would become an artist in some shape or form. He attributes the development of his God given talent, style, and philosophy, to three elements:  his absolute love for history, art, and nature.   The trio eventually came together and slowly formed the award winning artist that Scot is today.  Through 30 years of studying history and nature, and an absolute passion for art, a unique realistic style has emerged.  Such realism can only be achieved through hours of concentration.  A Weir painting is a genuine labor of love, requiring a great deal of time and research in its execution.  The Artist’s intent is to deliver a piece of art that can be observed from any distance and be appreciated for its strong composition, vivid colors, and the conveyance of a realistic illusion. 


Although Scot made his mark with his painting, he is not just a painter. Scot enjoys working in a diverse range of mediums. The Artist paints, draws, and sculpts. For years Scot has been represented by Wonderland Graphics/Reflective Art and other companies, but he now manages all his own production. There are currently 100 images in print or giclée to pick from as well as six editions in bronze, one of which is a life-size and a quarter monument. “The High Desert Elk”, majestically resides at the Northern gateway to the community of Rock Springs, Wyoming.


In 2018, Weir left his beloved Wyoming and moved to Prescott, Arizona, a beautiful and lively city steeped in the authentic heritage of the Old West. If you’re looking for art, Prescott is a great place to shop. The community is rich with talented artists. On November 1, 2018, Weir Gallery was opened. It is a quaint gallery, which also serves as the Artist’s studio, located inside the historic Hotel St. Michael’s alley of shops. The Hotel St. Michael is the anchor to Prescott’s famous Whiskey Row, shouldering the town square. Uniquely, on any day, patrons can meet and watch the Artist work. He’s truly a fish in water in Arizona.


A lot of time and effort have gone into Scot’s work. He hopes you enjoy it as much as he enjoyed creating it!

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